Ivy Leagues Seek the Future of Tech in South Africa

South African start-up iXperience adds AI and VR courses to its study abroad program.

February 09, 2017—Cape Town, South Africa: iXperience, a study abroad start-up in South Africa, catering to  university students worldwide, recently announced the addition of artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) courses to its program roster. Attracting students from U.S. Ivy League schools such as Yale and Princeton, students spend 4, 8, or 12 weeks during their summer break learning industry-relevant skills in business and technology. They have the added option of completing an internship during which they apply what they’ve learned in a professional context.

With traditional four-year degree programs giving way to more innovative approaches to higher education, students are taking shorter courses from multiple institutions or learning online, thus creating their own custom-made education journey. As universities struggle to catch up with the demands of preparing students for fast-moving business and tech industries, many students are looking to industry-connected learning programs like iXperience to gain in-demand skills.

“Our education philosophy is to create experiential learning environments that foster radical personal growth and self-actualization along with academic learning,” explains Aaron Fuchs, founder and CEO of iXperience. “The skills taught are geared toward filling the gaps between what students learn in college, and what they actually need to excel at a high level in the world.”

With the addition of AI and VR courses, iXperience brings cutting-edge technologies to its core program offerings. The Applied AI course teaches students to analyze massive datasets, create AI-powered applications, and deconstruct the algorithms that power artificial intelligence. Students can then hone their AI skills in an internship with companies like Barclays Aliens, a division of Barclays Africa Group specializing in software development and technology research.

In the field of VR, students engage in fully immersive learning of the field and technology to create virtual environments that will redefine the way we work, play, and socialize. Coursework teaches students to design 3-dimensional experiences using the Unity programming platform.

While structured study abroad programs have been around since the mid-19th century, little has changed over the years – until now. iXperience is the first-of-its-kind to artfully combine both study and work abroad programs into a compact cultural and travel experience focused on the whole student.

“iXperience was a one of a kind learning and cultural immersion. I gained experience and knowledge both inside and outside the classroom in ways I never had before,” shares Max Martin, Yale University Class of 2018.

iXperience is currently accepting applications for the summer of 2017. Students can learn more about the program and apply online by visiting, http://ixperience.co.za.

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We believe that experiential learning has a profound impact on people's lives.

iXperience is the only summer study abroad program that combines the three most important aspects of career acceleration: immersive classroom learning, hands-on professional experience, and cultural and personal exploration. Students spend 4, 8, or 12 weeks in South Africa learning in-demand, industry-relevant skills.