Demand for iXperience grows 750%

Gearing up for 2017

As iXperience prepares to welcome its third year of students, we are delighted to announce revolutionary developments in our curricula, staff, and working space. The progress we have made in this short time has increased our operational capacity such that we have officially opened a third session for our upcoming 2016 cohort to meet the incredible demand for placement into our career acceleration programs. Session 3 is currently only open for Data Science and Coding: Web Dev.

Our quality education, innovative professional development program, and Cape Town travel experience have always attracted applications from thousands of exceptional students from top schools globally – far more students than we have been able to host. This year, we will more than double our student intake on last year, as three hundred of the best students join us in Cape Town.

Recently, we relocated our head office and main campus to the iconic Workshop 17 complex, right in the heart of Cape Town’s buzzing startup district. This vibrant space is populated by creatively-inspired companies, and serves as a home for students to learn, intern and collaborate alongside similarly dynamic organizations – all in a location that is, in itself, a world-famous destination.

Along with our significant campus upgrade, we are excited to announce partnerships with two incredible lodgings that our students will call home for eight weeks this summer, just minutes away from campus.

Our vision for the future is to challenge the way the world thinks about education. It’s an industry in desperate need of disruption, and we’re determined to make a difference. As we expand to make this vision a reality, our core team has grown significantly in the last year. Every month, we add more and more driven, ambitious, highly skilled members to develop our operations in new ways. We have been strengthened by dedicated software developers, curriculum designers, digital marketers, online content creators, among others. iXperience’s rapid progress bears testament to the creative energy and drive that defines the company, and all indicators suggest that we will continue to grow at this extraordinary rate. To use just one indicator, in just two years since our inaugural class, our student cohort has increased 750%.

With only four weeks until the first session of 2016, we are already building iXperience 2017 – a bigger iXperience, geographically and temporally. Expect a global iXperience, not restricted to any place; an iXperience that looks into the future, in method and thought. We’re imagining virtual reality becoming a classroom reality, and lots more. Are you ready?

About iXperience

We believe that experiential learning has a profound impact on people's lives.

iXperience is the only summer study abroad program that combines the three most important aspects of career acceleration: immersive classroom learning, hands-on professional experience, and cultural and personal exploration. Students spend 4, 8, or 12 weeks in South Africa learning in-demand, industry-relevant skills.